Aligner Sheets

Clear Aligner Material

With TAGLUS the treatment can be made much faster with movement of 0.25mm per aligner in 7 days, TAGLUS aligners are made of a proprietary material that creates gentle but consistent force on the teeth. The attachments that are used on teeth are to be designed to make sure they are creating the most effective force on teeth. This all adds up to extremely predictable tooth movement and in a shorter time than before.
PETG is of the same chemical composition as PET but with the addition of glycol. Our addition of molecularly modified glycol to PETG removes the hazing effect seen during heating and also prevents an undesirable crystallization.
Additionally, the inclusion of molecularly modified glycolin this composition transforms the inner walls of aligner/retainer into a softer and more pliable material, making it easier and more comfortable to the patient. The material is unique engineering combination of Elasticity with Rigidity a perfect balance.

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