Taglus TUFF Retainer Material - 0.8mm x ARCH - 50 Sheets

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Taglus TUFF Retainer Material is a new revolutionary patented engineering plastic, designed to be super strong and thin. Taglus TUFF uses uniaxially oriented amorphous material with polymer chain - locked together in a non specific lattice structure. Our addition of special grade glycol to PET removes the hazing effect seen during heating and also prevents an undesirable crystallization.

Additionally, the inclusion of glycol in this composition transforms the inner walls of aligner/ retainer into a more comfortable material to the patient. So TAGLUS Tuff is unique engineering combination of elasticity with rigidity and clarity – a perfect balance

Use Taglus TUFF when you need the strongest retainer material, in a thin form for optimal comfort.


  • Ultra Thin: Taglus Tuff is the thinnest retainer of 0.8mm thickness. Its minimum thickness makes it ultra comfortable to wear.
  • Ideal Mechanical Properties: The Significant high break strength of 59 MPa keeps the sheet from breaking. The high level of ductility is provided by 7% Yield elongation.
  • Predictable Retaining Force: It provides sufficient yield strength (41 MPa) to retain the teeth’ position.
  • Dual Protective masking: Ultra-thin, peel-away masking on both sides ensures that it remains scratch-proof, moisture resistant, and promotes shelf life.



Over the years Taglus has grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of
newer, technologically advanced dental products. Uncompromised quality and
customer focus have been important goals throughout this journey. Now through the introduction of Taglus ARCH, we offer you and your customers:

LESS WASTAGE: During fabrication, a considerable amount of sheet around the thermoformed appliance is discarded and generates waste. With continuous research and development, we innovated an exclusive design that reduces the thermoplastic material consumption per appliance without represents our commitment to creating positive environmental changes.

BETTER VALUE: Even though the production process is more complex we have managed to reduce the price while keeping the same quality that we pride on for our Taglus customers.

EASY FINISHING: Another highlight of Taglus ARCH sheets is the presence of 5 distinct slits around the edge. This allows for trimming off excess material post fabrication and allows for convenient removal of the appliance from the model.

Check out the Taglus ARCH Adaptor kit here.

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