Taglus Premium Aligner Material - 0.76mm x ARCH - 125 Sheets

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Taglus Premium Aligner Material is engineered specially to create strong, flexible and comfortable aligners. Taglus Premium material provides a gentle but consistent force leading to a tooth movement of approximately up to 0.25 mm per aligner in 7 to 15 days (depending on the recommendation of certified Orthodontists).

Taglus Premium uses our specialised PETG formula - the same chemical composition as PET but with the addition of glycol. Our addition of molecularly modified glycol to PETG removes the hazing effect seen during heating and also prevents an undesirable crystallisation.

Additionally, the inclusion of molecularly modified glycol in this composition transforms the inner walls of the attachment material into a softer and more pliable material, making it easier and more comfortable for the patient. The material is unique engineering combination of Elasticity with Rigidity a perfect balance.


  • MORE TRANSPARENT / Light transmission - Total as per ASTM D - 103 is 93% highest in its class. Forget matt finished PU materials.
  • NO BREAKAGE / Flexural modulus of Elasticity as per ASTM D - 790 is 330,000psi highest in its class making it most flexible.
  • MORE LOAD RESISTANCE / Izod Impact strength as per ASTM D - 790 is 1.7 ft-lb/in Notch, highest in its class.
  • ULTRA CLEAR / Both Sides masked making the final product clear and beautiful - no hazing effect.
  • BPA, phthalate and gluten free.
  • Useful to form other appliances like special positioners, bleaching trays, nightguards, and temporary anterior bridges.
  • Taglus Aligner Material does NOT bond to acrylic to allow easy transfer for Clear aligner attachments to the crown lingual or Labial.



Over the years Taglus has grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of
newer, technologically advanced dental products. Uncompromised quality and
customer focus have been important goals throughout this journey. Now through the introduction of Taglus ARCH, we offer you and your customers:

LESS WASTAGE: During fabrication, a considerable amount of sheet around the thermoformed appliance is discarded and generates waste. With continuous research and development, we innovated an exclusive design that reduces the thermoplastic material consumption per appliance without represents our commitment to creating positive environmental changes.

BETTER VALUE: Even though the production process is more complex we have managed to reduce the price while keeping the same quality that we pride on for our Taglus customers.

EASY FINISHING: Another highlight of Taglus ARCH sheets is the presence of 5 distinct slits around the edge. This allows for trimming off excess material post fabrication and allows for convenient removal of the appliance from the model.

Check out the Taglus ARCH Adaptor kit here.

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