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TAGLUS model resin is a material based on meth (acrylate) resin for Digital Light Processing (DLP) with 385 nm / 405 nm LED & Stereolithography (SLA) systems for the production of dental models.

It is a high-precision & high-accuracy resin with a smooth matte surface finish, perfect for dental model making. The resin has High form and break stability; is abrasion, moisture and light resistant.
(Bottle of 1kg)
Crown & Bridges Models
Orthodontic Models
Implant Models
Clear Aligner Models
Diagnostic Models


Value  Method
Hardness R Scale 105 ASTM D 785:2008
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity kgf/cm2 10433 ASTM D 790-2017
Elongation @ Break % 1.71 ASTM D 638-2014
Tensile Strength kgf/cm2 205 ASTM D 638-2014
Izod Impact Strength, Notched 23 ASTM D 256 Method A:2010e1
Viscocity MPa 300 ASTM D216-2
Color Beige TM18

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